Current Projects

 Doubletaker (Snout)

Double-Taker (Snout)" (interactive installation, 2008) deals in a whimsical manner with the themes of trans-species eye contact, gestural choreography, subjecthood, and autonomous surveillance. The project consists of an eight-foot (2.5m) long industrial robot arm, costumed to resemble an enormous inchworm or elephant's trunk, which responds in unexpected ways to the presence and movements of people in its vicinity.

Sited on a low roof above a museum entrance, and governed by a real-time machine vision algorithm, Double-Taker (Snout) orients a supersized googly-eye towards passers-by, tracking their bodies and suggesting an intelligent awareness of their activities.
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children wave at Snout

Blending Bicycle

Blending Bicycle

Charlie Patterson, a recent work study in the Collaborative Machining Center, designed and built extensions to his bicycle. The bicycle supports a self-powered system for blending smoothies and ice beverages and the tow carries along enough supplies to provide for multiple servings.
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Printing Press Repair  
Printing Press

Students worked alongside machinist Larry Hayhurst to repair this printing press for the School of Fine Arts. In addition to major cleaning of the piece, the rolling pin was resurfaced and a table wedge was added.


Letterform Extrusion Box  
Letterform Box

Students Robert Cavagnaro, Andrea Irwin, and Alex Malkin made use of the resources in the center and designed the Letterform Extrusion Box. In conjuction with Susan Finger's Rapid Prototype in Design course, the team developed ideas for a project based on the future Carnegie Children's Museum exhibit 'How People Make Things' set to open in 2007. All teams were asked to make a project that extended the exhibit into a hands-on experience for parents and groups with children.
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CMU's First Cheme-E-Car Team took first place at the Regional competition held at Penn State during the the AIChE Mid-Atlantic regional conference last year. They competed against 7 other schools in the region and won easily. Their car stopped 1 inch from the 50 foot goal. More importantly, the win guarantees them a spot to compete at the national conference in San Francisco in mid-November.